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About Us

Antique plumbing items are fascinating because they are the reflections of a lifestyle from the classical era. Their range is from faucets in the kitchen to bathtubs and shower pans in the bathroom. The materials which go into making and molding them are immense in quantity and quality. Copper, brass, cast iron, porcelain, ceramic, nickel, oak, stone, and glass were some of the most commonly used materials for making them. I have been particular about collections from various continents in the world from the Americas to Asia and Europe. Let me tell you something more about what I am doing.

Antique Faucets – Amazing Ways to Dispense Water

I have a faucet with double-cross handle which can connect to hot and cold water hoses. It is made of brass and weighs heavily as four pounds! It is from the early 17th century. I found it in London when I was there on a visit. Similarly, I have many collections from sinks, toilets, tubs, soap holders, showerheads, and towel bars.

Antique Plumbing – Why I like them the Most

I have found a vast range of materials which make the antique sinks from wood and ceramic to stone, copper, brass, and cast iron. I had heard of the Roman baths which contained metal sinks and stone tubs. Though I haven’t come across many of the genuine antique sinks from the Roman era, I was able to trace a few of them in Milan and Rome.

My antique plumbing collections from the UK are to the Victorian era.  The first such item I found was the ribcage shower cabin. It has an overhead metal shower, a water heater, a drain, and metal valves to control the water flow. It is a combination of metal and ceramic there is sufficient space for standing while taking a shower.

I love antique plumbing fixtures because they have an aura around them. you may call it mythical or historical, but it is almost impossible to be unaffected by the charm and elegance of these collections.

Antique Plumbing – How I Choose the Genuine Fixtures

In many places, I have come across genuinely antique plumbing fixtures from the past. At the same time, I have seen many of the “antique-inspired” models which are manufactured today. They make every effort to make them look like an extract replica of the antique pieces.

I have developed a unique technique of identifying the genuine antique fixture from the inspired ones. Of course, it took me a long time to perfect the simple yet sophisticated method. I can tell you exactly how old the fixture is based on the tests.    

Antique Plumbing Collections – Why I Go around the World

Oriental plumbing collections are also my favorite. Some of the oldest I have are the sinks, tubs, spa tubs, and massage tables. I travel extensively to make sure I pick up the genuine collections by inspecting them first hand. 


I know you are equally enthusiastic about antique plumbing items collections because you are reading this. Feel free to contact me at any time to get more information about my collections and how I can help you better.