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Antique Faucets – Awesome Designs and Construction Mechanisms

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A rose gold antique faucet sits elegantly on the living room sink in my home. It has two handles on each side for hot and cold water. The faucet outlet stretches to the front like a miniature elephant trunk. It is so beautiful I can keep looking at it for hours. Another wall-mounted bronze faucet on the bathroom cabinet smiles at me whenever I go for a shave. I also have many such faucets made of nickel, chrome, copper, and even cast iron. I make sure of the right maintenance to keep them running without the smallest of problems.

Kitchen Faucet –Dream Models for Collection

 I have always considered antique kitchen faucets to be great assets. I love them is not only for their aesthetic appeals but also the smooth flow of water. For example, let me tell you about the spring model faucet which can turn 3600. It has a beautiful knob and a long pipe with a gorgeously shaped hose outlet. It is a wonderful experience to wash hands and utensils.

I have many such faucets which are free from rusting and corrosion. All the parts are made of copper or bronze. All of them have great weight and beautiful shapes. The nickel faucet collections I have are absolutely out of heavens. I always make it a point to choose twin valves to allow hot and cold water inlets. Some of them have compact soap holders.

Drain Stoppers – Incredible Chains and Disks 

The drain stoppers have chains made of beautifully molded beads of copper, brass, bronze, and ceramic. The stopper discs are generally round, but I have many other shapes also. I am particular about choosing heavyweight parts to ensure they are functional and long-lasting. Parts are strong and resistant to warping and breaking.

Kitchen Sinks – Large and Strong

Since childhood, I was used to seeing metal and granite kitchen sinks in my home and the neighborhood. My dad always insisted on having copper and brass as the base materials. He said copper can help to keep the water hygienic and healthy. Water passing through these metals was supposed to be rich with mineral content needed for the human body.

True to his saying, my dad remains healthy and fit at an age when many would prefer to retire and sit at home. He is eternally active and agile.

Antique Plumbing Collections – What Do You Expect

What do you expect from the antique plumbing collections? Do you wish to showcase them for your guests or do you want to install them and start using? My ambition was the second one. So, I started installing whatever I got all around my home. Ultimately, my home got filled up and there was no more space.

From that day, I started storing and displaying them as souvenirs. My friends took note of it and appreciated my work. The visitor traffic increased so much that I had to shift the entire lot to a new location. Now, I have more followers and fans that I ever imagined.