Top 10 Plumbers in Spokane WA


For maintaining modern household, water pipes and sewer lines plays a prominent role. But, in most scenarios it’s given less importance until some issue arises. For fixing the problems in water pipes and sewer lines you can go for plumbing services and trenchless sewer repair services is gaining popularity since it is highly efficient. Because of growing competition in the business world, the number of plumbers is increasing every day. Thus, to help you out in choosing the best plumbing service in Spokane, here is the list of top Spokane plumbers.


#1-Gold Seal Plumbing

  • Gold seal plumbing is good at drainage system installation, toilet installation, and garbage disposal installation for almost 49 years. It’s located in the Spokane valley and thus offers services in and around this area. One of the most well known services in Spokane.
  • Regarding the cost, all works done by gold seal plumbing are offered at an affordable rate and it services gains the heart of all customers.
  • You can reach gold seal plumbing either in Boone Ave Spokane valley, WA 99212 or via phone (509) 535-5946.
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#2- Cougar Rooter

  • Cougar rooter is the small and start up plumbing shop. They service Spokane and its surrounding areas. It gains popularity because of its affordable and quality work.
  • It’s good at varied services like electric water heater installation and repair, bathtub installation, drain installation and repair, faucet installation and repair, septic pump installation and repair and other plumbing works.
  • The plumbers in cougar rooter are highly professional and experienced. You can reach them at (509) 319- 9078.
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#3- Bulldog Rooter

  • Bulldog Rooter plumbers are well-experienced and they are capable of fixing any kind of plumbing, draining problems, including drain clogging issues. The experts of bulldog router are good at providing remodeling ideas.
  • You are not charged extra for weekends, holidays or for nights.
  • It covers areas in and around E Olive Ave, Spokane and can reach them at (509) 535- 3447.
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#4- T & C Plumbing

  • T & C are the professional electrical contractors specialized in diverse areas like AC/DC wiring engineering, electrical engineering, media center repairing and home theater sound remodeling. Formed in 2006
  • The company is good at services like pipe repair, sink repair, faucet repair and home remodeling plumbing.
  • Covers almost all areas in and around the zip code of 99207.
  • Overall, it offers excellent services at a reasonable rate. On average, for remodeling it costs around $3k and pipe repair and installation it costs around $750.
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#5- Drain Specialists

  • Drain specialists aim is to provide outstanding service at a reasonable rate within a stipulated time. You can order its services even during weekends and holidays.
  • The services it provides include sink repair, sewer and septic lines repair, shower repair and laundry lines repair. Scheduled maintenance and video inspections to locate the leaky points can also be arranged.
  • Known to be extremely professional and knowledgeable, being able to locate the issues quickly.
  • For clearing the water lines, they charge around $91.
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#6- Rite Way Heating, Cooling & Plumbing

  • Rite Way Heating, Cooling and Plumbing have been serving since 1959 and this signifies that the plumbers are highly experienced and professional. Even though technology has changed, it always focuses on the needs of the customers and aims to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Its services ranges from water pipe and sewer line installation, faucet fixing and sewer repair. As mentioned earlier, trenchless sewer repair service is currently being implemented.
  • It covers almost all areas around the zip code 85712 and the cost for installation and repairing is affordable.
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#7- Titan Plumbing LLC

  • Titan Plumbing LLC is the locally owned family business and covers areas like west plains, Spokane and Spokane valley area in Cheney Washington.
  • It’s capable of doing all plumbing installations and repairs, and covers both residential and commercial works. Overall goal of titan plumbing is to offer quality and timely services at a fair rate to the customers.
  • Titan Plumbing is best priced and very professional. For sink installation, its cost around $180 and for toilet installation the cost is about $90.
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#8- River city plumbing

  • Prides itself on speedy services at a reasonable rate. Emergency plumbing services are being offered by river city plumbing to satisfy the customers.
  • The plumbers are very friendly, efficient and kind enough to the customers. It’s highly recommended by almost all people who had experienced it already.
  • It offers services in and around cedar St, Spokane, WA 99205.
  • For an immediate response you can contact them via telephone – (509) 954-6567.
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#9- Peck Plumbing and Heating

  • Peck plumbing and heating is the locally family owned shop operated in Spokane. Behind this business, the two brains are Jerry and Jerome.
  • They are specialized in residential plumbing repairs and modifications. Utmost priority is given to the customers and they always took necessary measures to confirm the customer’s satisfactions.
  • Overall, they listen to the views of the customers and offers good quality services with utmost care.
  • It offers its services in Spotted Rd Cheney, Spokane and you can reach that at (509) 456- 2430 easily.
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#10- Aaa Heating, Air & Plumbing

  • Aaa Heating, Air & Plumbing aims at offering comfy life to its customers. At the same time, you can request a full and professional service at a competitive and inexpensive rate.
  • If you want to have plumbing services at your doorstep, then just give a call to (509)443- 3647.
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Overall, if you are confused about top plumbing services in Spokane then you can choose any of above services without any doubts. The above mentioned Spokane plumbers will offer excellent and high quality services.